10 interesting facts about dreams you don’t know

Scientists have discovered ten interesting facts about dreams in the life of man and will put it on the site articles.
dreams part of the night is interpreted in different ways and these points illustrate facts about the dream

Ten interesting facts about dreams

1- The man forgets 90% of his dreams.
2 – that all living beings dream if you heard your dog barking during the night that because he also dreams… Even blind people have their dreams too
3. In the dream we see only the faces we know in reality
4 – Dreaming of colors belongs to some people, humans are not both at this point, some of them only see the colors and others dream of white and black
5 – dreams have symbols is not what you see in the same dream come true but you may see things symbolize different things in reality
6 – During the dream may be anxious and feel some negative emotions often represented in anxiety or fear
7 – In one night you may see 4 to 7 dreams and one dream takes 3 to 5 minutes, although 
we feel it took more time than that
8 – some times during sleep feel temporary paralysis in your body and you can not move any member 
of your body and this may happen before or after entering the dream
9 – Men and women dream differently from each other often men dream more 
men also while women see men and women in the dream
10 _ If you suffer from snoring, you usually can not dream during the process of snoring
Remember these facts every night before you go to sleep with best wishes for happy dreams

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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