10 facts confirm the descent of man on the moon!

American astronaut and engineer Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.
The moon, where poets and musicians spin, was overtaken by Apollo 11 astronauts, making it the first human mission to land on the orbiting satellite on July 20, 1969. Moon, enjoy the gravitational refraction zone 12 astronauts. But skeptics still insist that the first human landing was a fabricated story. A report of the German news agency quoted the top ten arguments for skeptics with documented scientific responses to them:
* The first claim: the flag that “fluttering” on the moon The American flag “fluttering” The clearest example of the installation of landing on the moon, as there are no winds on the moon, the flag could not flutter, according to the objection of skeptics. However, the movements of the cloth fixed in transverse tension were not caused by air-breathing but were caused by the vibrations of the flagpole, which arises, for example, when planted in the moon or when directed, according to Ralf Yauman of the German Aerospace Research Center. Since the moon has no atmosphere, it is difficult to stop the vibration of the flag.
* Second claim: footprints in the soil of the moon: Many images show the effects of astronauts in the dust of the moon. Critics wonder how hard the earth can retain the footprint. Urs Mal, of the Max Planck Center for Solar System Research, explains the good stability of the impact on the smoothness of the moon’s very soft soil.
The third claim: Skeptics say that the astronauts’ jumps as they moved on the moon were too low and that because the gravity on the moon was so low that it was about one-sixth of the Earth’s. The researcher attributes the low jumps to the weight of the astronauts’ jackets, each weighing about 85 kilograms, and the inability of the astronauts to move freely. Yaman adds that the height of the jumps was not the important thing in the matter and that astronauts deliberately move with small jumps and short steps, for safety reasons.
Fourth claim: the lack of stability of the moon spacecraft astronauts were traveling with vehicles on the moon, and in light of the lack of gravity on the moon, it should have slipped from the curves, according to the theory of skeptics. According to NASA, the maximum vehicle speed was about 15 kilometers per hour, which is computationally equivalent, and when the ground is similar, the centrifugal force of a car traveling at 37.5 km / h on the ground with the same rotation. It is very unlikely that the astronauts cut the curves at full speed.
Fifth claim: duplicate “backgrounds” Skeptics consider similarities on the moon as evidence that similar backgrounds are always used in the studio. But the repetition of the images is not surprising, as astronauts took thousands of photos from different angles, according to Mal, who also stressed that the landscape at the landing sites are very similar naturally.
The Sixth Claim: Images do not have a cadre: Hasel Bilad’s lenses used by astronauts had a cadre to enable, for example, better estimation of distances. In some places these cadres seemed to have disappeared behind objects, which skeptics interpreted as a composition of images. It seems that when you look closely, the cadres do exist, but they do not appear almost in front of the dark background, but according to Yauman, pictures were published after editing them later.
* Seventh claim: There are no stars in the sky No stars appear in the photos published by astronauts for landing on the moon. Pioneers stepped on the moon day, the moon lasts two weeks of Earth days. The contrast in images between the bright moon and the dark sky was too strong to show weak spots in the sky.
The Eighth Claim: The angle of the shadow is inappropriate. According to Mal, the reason for this is mainly the bumps on the moon, which can make the shadows appear longer, shorter or distorted.
* Ninth claim: the lack of a vehicle landing place hole is that there is no vehicle landing place hole, there is almost no dust. What’s wonder about that? This is how Yauman responds, adding that the landing sites are not vertical but have been anchored from the side. According to Yaman, the vehicle’s engines do not have the strength to burn a hole in the moon’s hard rock.
Tenth claim: brightness is deadly, the crew members of the space mission during their flight and return, to high molecular radiation of the sun, especially in the van Allen radiation belt that surrounds the Earth, presumably that this radiation lasted hours, and could have been fatal, according to skeptics. However, he estimates that the van Allen belt will take about an hour, with the crew being protected by the aluminum capsule of the space capsule. Accordingly, although the astronauts were exposed to high radiation, the radiation dose was limited. NASA has determined the flight path of space missions to circumvent more intense radiation fields.
In principle, NASA does not respond to theories alleging the falsification of its spaceflight, but a few years ago it published photographs of the LRO mission, where the space probe sent Earth images of the Apollo landing sites with high purity. These images, while disenchanting skeptics, show, along with the tools left by the astronauts, the spacecraft’s footprints and even the footprints of the astronauts. “In addition, thousands of workers have participated in the six space missions,” he said. Counterfeiting for decades. “
 In addition, there is clear evidence: the Moon Rock, which weighs more than 380 kilograms, has been brought to Earth by the astronauts. Unlike the lunar meteorites that fell on Earth and were only discovered later, this rock mass did not change because of its journey through the Earth’s atmosphere.
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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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