Here are the top 10 profitable jobs in the world

Jobs are very lucrative .. Some follow their passion for a job in their preferred field but it is certain that most of us are heading for the highest paid job, in this list we will cover some of the highest paid jobs in the world, you will be surprised to learn that one of these jobs does not require a university degree.

1- Dr. Jarrah:

  • It is not surprising that this profession is the first on the list. Regardless of the years spent practicing this profession as a doctor, he spends other years as a specialist in his field, knowing that this profession is not limited only to the primitive tools such as scalpel and others, technology plays a big role in this area The surgeon has not kept pace with these developments and is likely to lose his job.

The Chief Executive Officer

  • The CEO earns approximately $ 350,000 each year, with significant responsibilities for strategic and fateful decisions that determine the fate of giant corporations.
  • Not to mention the stress and pressure associated with this job, a degree in business administration and experience in the field plus some skills are your key to this job.

3- Psychiatrist:

  • Working as a psychiatrist is a really rewarding job. You will not only get a good salary, you can help someone and change their lives for the better.
  • It is unfortunate that this job does not gain proper respect in some regions and countries. That salary reaches $ 300,000 per year the first $ 85 per hour.

4- Air Traffic Controller:

  • A person sitting in an air-conditioned building on a comfortable chair with some screens, but is it really that easy? Of course not. This person is responsible for hundreds of lives with a small error that can cause disaster.
  • To do one of these tasks, he has to make decisions in a fraction of a second, and the salary for this mentally stressful job is $ 190,000 a year.

5- Dentist:

  • If you have never visited someone before, one day you will do, without a doubt this one of the most important professions, the disciplines vary in this profession and the annual salary can reach $ 190,000 of course this figure does not apply everywhere in the world.

6- Construction Manager:

  • The demand for this job will never stop as the need for it is increasing day by day, tunnels, bridges, buildings and roads are clearly increasing.
  • One of the most important qualities required by the construction manager is to be ethical as it is the responsibility of managing the budget of the project and the crew, buying the required goods in good quality and a reasonable price for the budget and the salary can reach $ 189,000 per year.

7- Software Development Manager:

  • The software developer develops and designs systems for areas such as business administration, medical, scientific and military institutes, etc., and requires work experience and a degree in computer science.

8- Directional Drill (Horizontal Digger):

  • Its salary is $ 170,000 per year and does not require a university degree. A guided digger can install gas, electricity and water connections without interrupting the road in a professional manner. This job requires physical ability to handle heavy machinery and equipment.

9- Software Engineer:

  • A software engineer is a person who is familiar with all phases of software design and development and is also aware of all the methods followed during the design and development of software.
  • This profession requires a university degree in computer science and some companies require a master’s degree, salary up to $ 162,000 and can be more in some countries where the demand for this profession is increasing.

10- Technical Writer:

  • Science does not stop producing amazing inventions and software, so to ensure the survival of this human legacy has become the job of the technical writer of the most important and highest paid jobs and his role is to document these inventions and explain how they work and the annual income of up to $ 130,000 annually.
With diligence and hard work you can reach for one of those high paying jobs, good luck in achieving your dream!

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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