Facts that must people don’t know about life

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  • Facts you do not know amazing about man
  • Your tail residue
  • Tooth wisdom
  • Memories and Recollection:
  • Facts you do not know about the effects of time and others on you
  • Lose bones with time
  • The brain is the largest consumer of food
  • Reflex reaction
  • your skin’s color
  • Facts you do not know about your members
  • Facts you do not know about women

Facts you do not know about yourself, you may think that you know everything, about yourself at least, the fact that this is impossible, nobody knows everything, there are facts you do not know, you will know some day, and will continue there are facts you do not know about yourself, and about life around you The world and its secrets that resemble the box of endless napkins, whenever you pull another napkin back, as well as the secrets, the secrets of the vast universe, of which we are an infinite part of it, there are facts you do not know about everything, and always seek to reveal the truth and know it, Whole human souls

1. Facts you do not know amazing about man
-Your tail residue:
Yes, dear reader, whatever your gender or age, this is an indisputable scientific fact. It begins to fade and only remains from its center beneath the spine.
-Tooth wisdom:
Often, the wisdom of the wisdom tooth is in pain and we have to remove it. A very large proportion of people have problems with wisdom teeth. Some even bury the wisdom tooth in their jawbones and need hard surgery to remove the wisdom tooth, but did you know that the shape of the human jaw was old, It takes the form of a sharp-angled square from the side, and the jaw of the human being is bigger and more fierce, perhaps to fit the quality of food and the brutal way of eating in primitive life. The wisdom teeth descended vertically from the top of the square jawbones. When the shape of the jaw itself and the sides of the box disappeared from the inside, it Caused problems to the place of the wisdom tooth exit, which start disappears from D some people from the ground up.
-Memories and Recollection:
Have you tried to remember something or an event and you have difficulty, maybe it is only useful to go to the same place or re-listen to a particular song was with the event, or even smell the smell of smell somewhere, anything physical restores your mind at the time of the event, and remember the event once Other.
2. Facts you do not know about the effects of time and others on you
-Lose bones with time
The teeth and hair are not the only ones to lose with increasing age. Some bones also fade over time as a result of decreased calcium levels in the body.
-The brain is the largest consumer of food
Although the brain is very small, it consumes 1/5 of your food, due to its complex vital processes.
-Reflex reaction
Are we in control of our minds? Or yawns that control us? yawn times in front of someone, and you will find yawning, too, repeat them with different groups, each time you do them will find them involuntarily repeat them, as well as many involuntary decisions taken by our reactions to the actions we are subjected to.
-your skin’s color
Does your skin have one color? The answer is no, the original color of all is light white, but all human beings have three additional colors besides the light white color, and the different pigment ratios are what determines the color shown from you, we have the color red, dark brown, yellow, and the mix of four colors is determined by the environment in which they are raised Your ancestors and genetic changes to adapt them to the environment.
3. Facts you do not know about your members
  • The cornea is the only part of the body that does not get blood, but gets oxygen directly from the air.
  • Fingerprints: After the third month of pregnancy appear fingerprint of the fetus.
  • Brain: Can survive without oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Heartbeat: Your heart beats about 100 thousand times a day.
  • The largest organ in your body by volume is the liver.
  • Saliva: Humans produce saliva that fills two swimming pools of average size throughout their life.
  • Dangerous acid in the stomach: Your stomach possesses acid if it touches your skin burned!
  • The human heart: its size as your fist closed.
  • Humans take about 100,000 chemical reactions per second.
  • Children are born without knee bones until the age of two!
  • Length of your small intestine: about two and a half meters!
  • You have about 2 million sweat glands!
4. Facts you do not know about women
Some interesting facts about women that women themselves may not know are the following:
  • Women can smell a characteristic smell for newborns, and infuse it like drugs.
  • Women have a distinct smell secreted by hormones when they admire a certain man, which is also secreting a substance alone can smell.
  • Women experience pain in the back and stomach when they have a heart attack, unlike men with chest pain.
  • A woman’s heart beats at a faster rate than a man.
  • Women have more taste buds than men do.
  • Studies have confirmed that women are more willing to betray men than men.
  • The rates of libido in women rise in the summer especially, due to the increased secretion of odors from the body of men.
  • No woman in the world has exactly the same breasts.
  • Women after forty become more ecstatic and faster exciting.

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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