Precious Tips for Surviving the Damned Pushchenki(PUBG)

Pushchenki is one of the hottest areas and cities in the game PUBG and not easy to survive so we will offer you golden tips to survive in that city

1.City overview

  • Pochinki is a city located in the central area of erangel map and is one of the largest and most popular cities on the map.
  • The city consists of a large group of houses and alleys as well as a church on the outskirts of the city, with large quantities of equipment, weapons, military equipment and military accessories.
  • It also has several garages, which are spread throughout the city.

2.Effective weapons for use in Pushkin

  • Sniper rifles: not effective enough in the city
  • Assault rifles: like an effective akm rifle
  • Sprinklers: Like the ump9 sprayer, it is especially effective when the distance between you and the opponent is close
  • Bombs: One of the best things you can use in Pushkin, especially when the opponent is hiding indoors.
3.Precious tips for survival in the damned Bushchenki
  • Trenches on the outskirts of the city, which are deep cracks, are excellent for covering, breathing and escape if you intend to escape.
  • Everyone wants to take full control of the city, so if you decide to go down to Pushkin, be one of the first teams to come down to the city. Choose the shortest point to jump and jump with your team, this gives you an advantage.
  • Try to be next to the garages If you are not one of the first teams that come down to the city did not play the spirit of the group and your team has gone You can take a car from the garages and escape at full speed from the city.
4.They said about Bushchenki
  • Who controls it is the strongest undisputed.
  • Land of a million martyrs.
  • The rock that shatters the expectations of others.
  • Either a great victory or a painful failure.
  • Is where you can improve your skill.
  • At the beginning of the game we are 100 people and only two minutes later the number reaches 70 people and these 30 people die in Pushkinki.
5.The real city of Pushchenki
  • On the ground Boschenki is a real city and is a small village in the Mordovia region of Russia

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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