10 facts you do not know about the world of ants

Ants are one of the most prevalent creatures on the surface of our planet.
The world of ants is characterized by a lot of exciting things that are unknown to many humans, and these are the top 10 facts about the hidden world of the little creature.
1. Ants outnumber humans

  • About 7.7 billion people live on the planet at first glance, the figure seems large, but compared with the number of ants living on the same planet is a small figure.
  • The number of ants is estimated to be about 10 quadrillion (1 quadrillion = 15 on the right)
2. Ants are older than humans
  • Archaeologists estimate that Homo sapiens originated on Earth 200 thousand years ago, while the age of the Earth is estimated to be about 4.54 billion years, while Homo man developed about 2 million years ago.
  • Scientists estimate that ants originated in the middle of the Cretaceous, 110 to 130 million years ago.
3. chemicals ant language
  • Ants can communicate and cooperate effectively using chemicals known as pheromones.
  • Through these chemicals, ants can send simple messages to colleagues, alerting them to danger or indicating when food is present.

4 . is one of the strongest creatures that size

  • Ants, like most small insects, are fairly strong. An ant can lift 3 times its weight and can hang while carrying around 100 times as much weight.
5. Ants are not short-lived
  • There are species of ants that can live for years, and the Queen can live longer.
6. Most ants we see are female
  • The queen ants are responsible in the colony as they lay eggs and all-female worker ants, their responsibility is the harmonious operation of the colony, the care of the queen and the males, and the disposal of waste.
  • It receives more protein than food, while those who eat less protein become active.
7. The number of genomes determines sex
  • Males contain only one genome, while in females 2 genomes, where males develop from unfertilized eggs, while females from fertilized eggs.
8. Ants help humans and the environment
  • Ants benefit ecosystems by sowing seeds, pollinating plants, improving soil quality, and defending plants from parasites and insects.
9. Prisoners become slaves
  • The world of ants is famous for the process of “dulosis” in which the parasite ants steal the cocoons of the eggs of other ants nests to raise in their nest and perform the tasks of slaves.
10. Ants do not have lungs
  • Ants breathe oxygen through a series of holes on the sides of their bodies. These holes are connected through a network of tubes that help distribute oxygen to almost every cell in the body.

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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