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Your health is a treasure!

Here are health tips and guidelines by following them to keep yourself and your health 
  • Keep wearing sun glasses to avoid illnesses and blemishes.
  • Women have regular breast examinations and regular check-ups once the menstrual cycle ends.
  • Allergies can be the cause of dark circles.
  • Sleep is very important for better health and stronger immunity.
  • Eating nutritious foods with vitamins and minerals and do not forget the garlic and has many very important benefits we recommend to put on all food if true.
  • For women, if you like high heels as much as you can, clear the shoes, hold your feet and loosen them one by one.
  • We must rest our eyes from the rays such as computer, television and others.
  • Egg whites are very useful.
  • Water, salt and soda bicarbonate to soothe tongue pain.
  • Change is required around us for better health and greater activity.
  • Avoid water intake.
  • Avoid tea and coffee with meals.
  • Too much intake of tomatoes because of its antioxidants as it prevents sunburn.
  • Walking with your shoulders back is very important because tilting forward causes neck and other pain.
  • Steamed or uncooked vegetables are very useful.
  • Family health, genetic and therapeutic history is important to be aware of genetic and other diseases.
  • See your doctor if you find yellow, brown, or black stripes on your nails because they can be a sign of skin cancer in rare cases.
  • Thyroid disorders can be a sign of it is heavy hair loss.
  • Dark coarse spots under the armpits can be a sign of diabetes.
  • Tension caused by dandruff and then damage the immune system, which is something you have to get rid of it and prefer to calm yourself so as not to harm yourself because your health is a treasure.

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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