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10 most expensive liquids in the world

In this article we will review with you an impressive list of the most expensive liquids in the world and more amazing facts about those liquids

Scorpion venom

  • Scorpions are known to be highly toxic insects, usually found in desert areas.
  • There are 200 species of scorpions, each of which is unique with a different type of poison, and the degree of severity of the poison varies from one scorpion to another.
  • Scorpion venom is one of the most expensive liquids in the world.
  • The cause of the high scorpion poison
  • The high price of scorpion venom is due to the extent to which poison collectors are exposed to scorpion stings that may endanger their lives.
  • So there is a dearth of poison collectors with little to collect.
  • Uses of scorpion venom
  • The use of toxins within prescribed amounts and doses helps to stimulate the immune system, and to heal from many diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Facts about scorpions

  • Scorpions usually do not use poison to hold their prey, but prefer to use their claws, because it is difficult to make poison inside her body, and use it only to defend itself in front of an enemy larger than in size.
  • Scorpion venom is a poison that rarely causes death if someone is exposed.
  • Many scorpion antioxidants have been produced that can achieve rapid recovery.

GHB liquid

  • The price of one liter of this material is $ 600, a substance produced within the human brain but in small quantities.
  • They play an important role in regulating the body’s daily activities and also regulating sleep.
  • Unfortunately, these characteristics are exploited by siblings, such as criminals who use them to anesthetize their victims in order to kidnap or detain them.

Uses GHB liquid

  • It is produced industrially for anesthesia, addiction treatment and treatment of certain neurological diseases.


  • A rare element in nature, it is found in very small quantities in the Earth’s crust, so it is expensive as a liter of mercury is estimated at $ 900.
  • It is very toxic, but it has medical uses as it is made from the thermometer as it is rapidly expanding and shrinkage by temperature, as it is involved in the manufacture of switches and blood pressure meters.

Horseshoe crab blood

  • Horseshoe crab blood contains hemocyanin, which is the opposite of hemoglobin in human blood, which is high in iron and gives blood red.
  • Hemocyanin is high in copper, which makes the crab’s blood blue.
  • Horseshoe crabs have been poached for hundreds of years.
  • Several aquaculture plants have been set up in order to keep them from extinction, while at the same time taking advantage of the rare characteristics of their blue blood.

The cause of the cost of horseshoe crab blood

  • The blood of the crab is very precious as it is estimated the price of a liter of 16 thousand dollars, and the reason for the high price is because it contains rare antibacterial substances.
  • These substances are the strongest among different types of vaccines, and the fastest in achieving results.

Real estate LCD

  • LCD is considered the most dangerous type of hallucinogenic drug, so it is banned in most countries of the world, and it leads to serious types of hallucinogenic and auditory hallucinations.
  • The drug was invented in 1938, and its effect was discovered after its inventor Albert Hoffman licked his fingers after preparing the substance, and observed its effect on his mind.
  • One of the results of using this drug is anxiety, paranoia and delusions.
  • Some of the users of the drug are fancied with their ability to fly in space, throwing themselves from high places and rooftops.
  • Some also believe that they are holy people, or that they are geniuses capable of solving all problems.
  • They also bring actions that may kill or throw them behind bars as a result of acts that harm others and are against the law.

Chanel perfume

  • Created by world-renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel in the 1920s in France, it is still on the throne of the world’s most expensive perfume.
  • The Chanel perfume is priced at $ 6900 and is one of the most expensive liquids in the world.
  • The famous chemist Ernest installed the Chanel fragrance, producing five bottles, he gave the bottle number 5 to Coco Chanel, which she considered her lucky number.
  • It produced the fragrance and preserved the shape of the bottle and the can to this day in the same shape and design, until it became a symbol of modern culture, on top of all the different Chanel products.

Poison King of Cobra

  • The poison of the king cobra lies in two bags behind the cobra tusks, enough to kill an entire elephant.
  • Cobra snakes live in India and South Asia, and are about 4.5 meters long.
  • Drawings and motifs spread on the snake’s neck, which usually do not attack a person unless they attack them or feel threatened.
  • The locals are accustomed to discovering them through their obscenity, and usually withdraw on their own if no one is exposed.
  • If one is exposed to it will not survive several successive bites cause severe pain and rapid need for treatment with antioxidants.
  • Snake venom attacks the spinal cord until it reaches the brain, causing enormous pain and headaches.
  • Injury may cause paralysis, leaving the victim in a coma before death due to respiratory paralysis.

The importance of the king of cobra poison

  • Therefore, it is important to obtain this poison, which is made of antioxidant in order to save the lives of the infected.
  • It also enters into the synthesis of many different antibiotics to treat many serious conditions.
  • Because of the risk of acquiring the king’s cobra venom, it is expensive.

Human blood

  • The price of a liter of human blood is $ 400, blood is the means of life for man.
  • It provides clean food, relieves dirt, waste and toxins, and performs many important and sensitive functions of the body.
  • A road accident victim needs the equivalent of 40 blood donors to save and survive.
  • Blood donation centers are opened all over the world, although most donors do not get paid for their donation.
  • But maintaining blood for long periods of time costs a lot of money, hence the high price of blood.

Printer ink

You may not believe that the price of printers may exceed the price of the printer itself, where the price of printer ink is sometimes $ 720 per liter, so it is one of the most expensive materials for printing.

  • Printer manufacturers do not overestimate the price of the printer, but rather entice the buyer at a cheaper price.
  • Companies know that their real profit will be at the price of the inks used in the printer.
  • The profit comes from the fact that the user cannot change the ink type in the printer, but is obliged to use the ink of the manufacturer, hence the huge profits.


  • Insulin is a very important hormone for humans, and is released by the pancreas in order to convert the carbohydrates it takes into sugars needed to provide the body with energy to carry out its functions and life activities.
  • When blood sugar levels are impaired, this is compensated by insulin injections of various types and prices according to the manufacturer.
  • Given the importance of insulin injections for diabetics, the prices are always high, so that a liter of insulin usually costs $ 4,000 per liter.

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