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12 facts you don’t know about woman ‘s body

Women’s body… In ancient Greece, women were considered a different family than men, because of the external appearance of the body and different physical attributes.
Even after age and gender equality now exist, there are still many unknown secrets about the woman’s body.
Here in the encyclopedia, we will talk about some secrets and unknown information about the female body and women in general, some of this information can be a big surprise even for the most experienced people.

Breasts woman does not match with others:

  • Very few women have the same size as their breasts, but it is customary that no breasts match the other even in one woman.
  • Birth control methods affect a woman’s attractiveness:
  • It is scientifically proven that men are involuntarily attracted to fertile women, even if having a child is not their goal, and men pick up that feeling and motivation of smell and other biological factors.
  • Birth control tools reduce women’s attractiveness and increase male hormone levels.

Women’s hands are cooler than men’s hands:

  • Female hands in general, are less heat than men.
  • Scientists believe this happens because women generally have a smaller muscle mass and have a higher surface-to-volume ratio, leading to rapid heat loss.

Women and crying:

  • Because a woman is emotional by nature and very sensitive, this leads her to cry a lot in many situations.
  • According to statistics, women cry 36 times to 64 times a year, and men 6 times to 17 times a year.

Her memory is ferrous:

  • Sure, the more memories are associated with feelings, the stronger they will be, and for this reason, your wife may quarrel with you because of a situation that happened years ago and remember it as if it were yesterday.
  • Because women are emotional in nature, their memories are mixed with a lot of emotions, which means a very strong memory, and problems due to old situations also أيضًا.

Women are not biologically attracted to the dominant male:

  • Involuntarily and biologically, women are often attracted to the dominant male group leader.

High ability to hear sharp and high pitches

  • From a young age, the female can recognize high-pitched sounds.
  • A one-week-old baby can recognize her mother’s voice.
  • This skill in women not only benefits them with children but makes them as close as the lie detector.
  • Women can pick up the slightest changes in tone of voice that occur when lying.

The female is “more reasonable”:

  • Although the brain of men is larger than women, women show 3% better results in intelligence tests.
  • Women also can distinguish them from men because they can do several things at once.
  • The reason for the above two points is that the cerebral structure of men is different from that of women.

Better immune system:

  • According to scientists from the University of Ghent, the X chromosome responsible for the birth of a female baby carries more micro-RNA, which strengthens the child’s immune system and reduces the risk of cancer.

Women better overcome the disease:

  • Maya Saleh of McGill University’s Center for Complex Features found that estrogen, which is found in females more than males, plays a major role in suppressing and suppressing inflammatory processes.
  • This means that the body of the woman to deal with the disease faster and more effective, and the hormone estrogen delays the progress of the body’s age, and this is one of the reasons that the average age of women is higher than men.

Premenstrual symptoms:

  • Women experience premenstrual symptoms more often in early adolescence and after age 40.
  • In these periods, the female undergoes the greatest hormonal changes in her life, to name a few, symptoms can be headaches, skin changes, joint, and muscle pain.

Good morning fatigue for future mothers:

  • Scientists from the University of Colorado said that morning fatigue for pregnant women, is a good coping mechanism.
  • Where are not the counting of nausea, the fetus to avoid toxins from fish, meat, and poultry consumed by the mother?
  • Morning fatigue can also be a sign that that child is healthy. Women who have morning sickness have a much lower chance of miscarriage.

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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