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Why shouldn’t we clean the ear from its detachments?

Earplugs in their shape and color are disgusting similar to their peers of purulent blisters, which causes us to clean them periodically to feel comfortable. We may also feel relieved when we watch others clean them. It is perhaps surprising that these secretions have an important and pivotal function, where doctors call us not to remove and clean According to the official decision of the American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO), which says: “The ear secretions that do not cause symptoms or blockage of the ear canal as it is and should not be removed.”
Wax cleaning methods are numerous, starting with ear waxing (a form of alternative therapy, where the pointed end of a special wax is placed in the ear while the other end is ignited, and then the discharge and impurities from the air are pulled out), and water-filled syringes. , Ends with ear cleaning sticks and is the most dangerous! Dr. Mark Vaughan pointed to the seriousness of these sticks because of their blunt end and large size.

What does this function?

You may now be wondering about the function of these ear secretions, which are disgusting, that’s fine: its work is to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the ear and holding it in its viscous texture to avoid moving inward, through various jaw movements from chewing, etc. As the skin grows continuously in this area, it cleans itself by pushing the old secretions out. This is removed during bathing alone and without the need to remove it by force. Therefore, it is a natural physiological process that protects the ear from its dangers. There is no need to tamper with it and clean it.

There are exceptions, however.

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, 10% of children and 5% of adults, as well as one-third of elderly people, suffer from a poor normal function of the ear in the cleaning of the auditory tract. Cases in which the ear canal is completely blocked.
If you have symptoms of ear obstruction, including pain, itching, tinnitus, a feeling of fullness of the ear, hearing loss, excessive discharge, unpleasant odor, and coughing, you should see a doctor to check them and follow appropriate procedures.
Specialized doctors alone can remove these secretions when necessary. To summarize the above, we must stop using cotton sticks for the benefit of our health and keep the ear functioning normally without any damage or disease.

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Written by Sidney Sheldon


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