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5 success stories will change your look on life

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There are many success stories and examples of people who failed at the beginning of their lives and then achieved success that no one expected, and there are many of these people were able to change the world for the better and give hope to many people about their stories that will provide you with great enthusiasm, and we mean failure here barrier that prevented them from continuing Whatever this obstacle, these people have proven their ability to overcome difficulties whatever the obstacles, and in this article we offer you 5 motivational stories of people who were able to overcome their obstacles amazingly.

5 – Young Terry

Terry is a young Canadian who did not exceed twenty years suffered bone cancer in his right knee, which led doctors to amputate his right foot full, Terry was opposed to the idea of ​​amputation and inquired from the doctors why they stick to amputation of the foot, was the answer that their condition is unable to medicine and there is no option for them Only amputated his foot.

The doctors concluded that research on the development of this type of cancer would cost approximately $ 10 million, an amount that was not available from the Canadian government, Terry imposed the idea of ​​amputation of his foot and passed it for 14 continuous months, then told his parents that he decided to walk from East Canada for the West In a charity campaign to raise the $ 10 million, the idea spread across Canada and was called the Marathon of Hope.

Terry was walking about 26 kilometers a day and after learning his story, donations collapsed until he collected the money but died before he completed the distance, leaving a wonderful example of not losing hope and offering goodness to others and the beautiful lesson.

4- Jan Kum, founder of WhatsApp

Jean was born in Ukraine in a semi-poor family and very difficult living conditions. Below zero.

At the age of 16, he immigrated to the United States with his family, where his mother worked as a nanny while working as a cleaner in a small grocery store.

Jan went to school there but could not cope with the students there because of their different lifestyle, and because of this, he was always alone. During this time he began to learn self-programming on his computer and online, and shortly afterward he joined a hacker team.

He developed the situation until he worked in information security in some major companies such as Yahoo, and then applied for the same job on Facebook at the time was rejected by the company.

Start WhatsApp application

Jean, with Fishman, thought about the idea of ​​the program as a result of the circumstances he lived in the past because of the lack of security and privacy in phone calls. Jean bought an iPhone and subscribed to Father Store just nine months after it was established. Large.

In the world in 2009 was launched the application “WhatsApp” and was then an application based on sending messages in a freeway based on the phone number and this was not present at the time only in the phones “BlackBerry” was founded WhatsApp company until the number of users to 800 million users around the world, It evolved until Facebook was able to buy it in a deal valued at $ 19 billion.

3 – Michael Dell

Michael began working at the age of 13, taking his parents’ home as a headquarters for his stamp collecting business, in which he raised $ 2,000 in profit. On newly married couples and collecting nearly $ 18 thousand, he could not buy the first BMW at the age of 18.

Michael started his own business through the amount of money received from his grandparents. He initially targeted university friends who dream of owning a computer commensurate with their financial potential. He was the owner of the principle that direct selling is beneficial to the seller, because he knows the market and customer requirements and in 1985 his company was able to launch the first special computer With its name Turbo PC was Intel processor speed of 8 MB and focused advertising on technical magazines and direct selling and distinguish this product from other flexibility by grouping devices according to customer demands by more than one option, which led to save a lot of money to become cheaper devices Existing in His time was the first company to succeed in this type of sale.

In 1987, the company’s revenue was $ 6 million, and in 1988 He changed the name of the company to Dell known to us now. In 1992, Fortune magazine put Dell company in the top 500 computer companies, and in 1996 opened the e-store and sell online. 1999 Dell surpassed its traditional rival Compaq in sales and global rankings. In 2003, Dell’s shareholders agreed to change the name to enter other areas of computers, and in 2004 Dell began entering flat panel computers, computers, cameras, and music players.

Michael Dell, a member of the Jewish community and one of the largest financier of George W. Bush in his election campaign came in the ranking of Michael as the fourth richest man in America, making his ranking in the 18th in the world men. More than 170 countries and the amount of sales of the company 300 million dollars a day and the most famous statements of Michael Dell and now we can say failures, where asked about all he should do that was Apple’s manager in the face of the big problems he faced in 1997, said if you were the place of Steve Jobs The company and investors prepared their money and Steve Jobs did not forget the saying until 2 006 When Apple plans to sell Dell sales, he said in a mail to Michael Dell now must swallow his words and withdraw them, and after two years of failure for Dell returned again Michael to run his company again.

Joan Rowling-Murray, author of Harry Potter

British author Joan Rolling-Mori traveled to Portugal for a job as a language teacher.

Joan saw herself unsuccessful, with a failed marriage and seven years after graduation without work and counting a child and do not find the money for it, medically Joan was depressed and thought of suicide.

She was living on the government support for her, but it is not satisfied because this money was not enough for the electricity bills, so she tended to write it is her only hobby.

She continued to write and submitted her writing to more than one publishing house, which they all rejected not once or two but 12 times until she took us to the famous series “Harry Potter” to become from 2004 the first writer wealth of up to one billion dollars is the owner of the largest book series sold in history.

Marla Ranian

Marla was born on January 4, 1969, and is a famous name in the world of sports. Although she was completely blind at the age of nine, she managed to reach the most famous sports competitions as a runner. In 2000 she participated in the Sydney Olympics and reached the final stage with a distance of 1500 Followed by a distance of 5000 meters in 2004.

She has entered the world of fame ever since. She is the first female athlete to participate in the Olympics.

Thirteen months after she gave birth to her daughter Anne Lee, she took part in a marathon and won first place. She has written a book about her experience called “No Finish Line”

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