7 Amazing things your voice can reveal about you

Less than a second is needed for  a person’s voice to reveal their personality. It may seem incredible, but your voice can say a lot about yourself. Not only does it sound unique, but it also carries useful and sometimes unexpected information.

At Buzzafter, we were surprised by the hidden clues that can be detected by listening to someone’s voice. The size, the strength and many other peculiarities of your body can be known by listening to you speak. And we do not even need to see you, the sound of your voice is enough!

1. Sociability

Your voice can indicate your personality, or more precisely, whether you are  extroverted or introverted. During one study , subjects listened to a computer-generated speech, which was modeled in different ways to sound like introverted and extroverted individuals. Participants were able to identify correlations between voice and personality: extroverts speak faster and louder, and introverts, on the other hand, express their thoughts more positively and slowly.

A simple “Hello!” Can tell people how trustworthy you are . 64 versions of this word were listened to by participants from another study . And almost all have designated the highest voices on the end of the word as belonging to trustworthy men. For women, on the other hand, those whose tone of voice was the lowest at the end of the word were considered more reliable.

3. Size

Your voice can also indicate your size. In two experiments , participants were asked to identify the largest of two speakers and to rank five speakers by size. 62% of participants were able to  distinguish the greatest speaker. Indeed, it seems that the bigger an individual is, the more serious his voice is.

4. Fertility

It turns out that the menstrual cycle not only affects mood and hormonal changes, but also the voice. According to one study , the latter becomes more acute as ovulation approaches . Thus, women whose voice is more acute can be considered more fertile.

5. Strength

The voice can indicate the strength of a man, more precisely the  power developed by the top of his body. Participants in one study listened to the voices of men from different countries, speaking their native language, then assessed their strength. It turned out that they were able to accurately determine the strength of the men, and the stronger men had a deeper voice.

6. Professionalism

Your voice can have an influence on your career. One study found that individuals with  vocal frying seem to be less educated and less competent . And this is especially true for women. It can even influence an employer’s decision and encourage them to choose another candidate.

7. Parkinson’s disease

Some alterations of the voice may indicate disease  Parkinson . Patients have a slowing of speech, their voice becomes quieter and shortness of breath appears. They start talking more monotonously, then the tremors become more and more audible.

Have you ever judged someone on his voice? What do you feel when you hear yours? Could you describe it? Reply us in the comments!

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