Negative emotions do not exist, and we’ll explain why

Negative emotions

In general, emotions such as fear, annoyance, discontent, and anger often play tricks on us. There are even books on personal development that always advise to leave them out for a healthy life and positive thinking by focusing exclusively on “good emotions” such as joy, courage, and trust. But is this theory true?

Buzzafter wants to share this article with you, so you know if it’s really important to ban those emotions that are considered “negative”.

The emotions

When we have a fever, we immediately think that it is something bad and that we must take medicine to reduce the temperature as quickly as possible. And yet, doctors say that fever is a defense mechanism of our body. That’s the way our body tells us something is wrong. Without this symptom, we could not detect infections and we would do nothing to cure them.

The same goes for so-called “negative” emotions. As embarrassing as they are, they allow us to be vigilant when things are not going well, and to know that something needs to be done to change the situation. Emotions such as fear, pain, and anger are fundamental to human survival and fulfillment.

The fear

Fear is often associated with cowardice. But a brave person is not the one who ignores fear. It is the one who, even fearing something, decides to face it by taking the necessary precautions.

For example, a boxer who is not afraid would give a great advantage to his opponent, because he becomes his own enemy: indeed, he does not feel the need to protect himself, remaining helpless and in the grip of his own frenzy.

Also, it is necessary to remember that the role of fear is to protect ourselves, to preserve ourselves, to help us strengthen our weaknesses and to consolidate our strengths. Cowardice has nothing to do with taking precautions.


Imagine for a few moments of our life without feeling anger. We would be indifferent to injustice, to our own mistakes and those of others, to wickedness and bad decisions … Would we be good people if we did this?

Good people are also angry. The important thing is not to feel that way when things are going well. Indeed, it is quite normal to get angry with someone who mistreats one of our peers, while getting angry at the success of someone who deserves it just makes wrong.

This emotion can be a good stimulus to change the things that are not going well in this world. On the other hand, heinous behavior is reprehensible in all cases.


A popular proverb advises us not to envy what we do not have, and rather to love what we have. In principle, it’s good advice, but is it true? What would have become of the human being if he had conformed to what he had? He would always be, no doubt, in the caves, and perhaps he would not even have discovered the fire.

The dissatisfaction, therefore, proposes us to look for new ways when we do not feel comfortable where we are. It pushes us to move, to seek and improve our well-being. It also helps us reach our goals, even those we feel are out of reach.

Feeling dissatisfaction does not make us ungrateful.

What to do with these emotions?

We have only described a few examples of so-called negative emotions, but there are many more, for sure. And we must do with them the same as with fear, anger, and dissatisfaction. The secret is not to fight them, but to pay attention and analyze them in order to profit from them. It must be remembered that all these emotions ultimately only protect us and help us change the situation.

In other words, we need it to become better people and achieve our goals!

Do you have problems managing your emotions? If so, have you tried to control them? How did you do? Tell us in the comments!

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