12 Tips from a strong woman who will change your attitude toward Problems

On the Internet, there are a lot of life tips and rules to follow that are supposed to help people make the best decisions for them. But sometimes we have the impression that they were dictated by robots without any weakness. Psychologist Polina Gaverdovskaya has created her own rules of life that help her to feel happy and shared them on her blog .

With the agreement of the author, buzzafter publishes this simple and concrete text on which you will be able to support you at times when you will want to give up.

  1. Everyone, except close relatives, is replaceable. Nothing and no one is unique. Let new people get into your life, even if you do not know yet if you have anything in common with them . One day, if you find yourself “alone”, it will save you.
  2. Always try new things: food, clothes, paths, activities, books, theories and explanations of the Universe. The brain is made of a particularly lazy “chewing gum paste”. The more you follow the same routine, the more difficult it is to move away from known paths and the new opportunities disappear. Do not let yourself be stuck on the same things, pleasures, ways and ways of doing things. Always try new things, especially when you feel tired, afraid or want nothing.
  3. Forgive all the people you remember and forget about others. Forgetting is the best punishment and the best remedy. And do not get angry with anyone, it’s better to get a manicure!
  4. Never rush. Everything that happens quickly does not last long. If you really want something, it will happen when the time comes. And if you finally changed your mind, you did not really need it. Transfer your desires and risky actions, let them “rest”. Do something for which you have only doubts if the desire pursues you for a long time.
  5. Never give up if you really want something. “Luck” actually comes from experience, that is, from a series of repetitions and even failures. Courage and risk are experiences. What sometimes looks like arrogance is experience. Persistence, tolerance, ability to forgive, resilience and independence, all this is experience. And most importantly, never give up if you really want something .
  6. This point is the continuation of the precedent: if you really want something and that it seems right to you, do it. Desire is life. Let the desire live in you and watch it. If he’s still here, then follow your instinct.

7. The end itself does not exist: everything is only a matter of flux. Things change, change. Remember that when you are desperate, when you feel pain (at the grave of a friend, reading a letter from your partner who has left you). One day, the time will have passed and you will say to yourself: ” It was for the best!” (Especially in the couple stories). In reality, nothing is ever finished.

8. Nothing is ever finished, but “the end” is near. And keep in mind that it may be tomorrow. Thus it is easier to follow all these points.

9. Do what you want, but take care of your body because otherwise, it will take revenge at one time or another. Get in the habit of asking yourself what you want and respect it. If you have never listened to your body and do not know how it speaks to you, start with simple things like walks in the forest, swimming or yoga. Then everything will be all alone: ​​the body will expect to be listened to.

10. What is romantic, love, passion, all this is very pretty (and precious). But if you confuse love and sex, you risk staying alone for a long time. Make sure you have sex in your life . And let romance and love find you in your bed with a new lover.

11. The last thing you should be concerned about is what people think about you. The others think mainly of them, you too, but making comparisons with their own case. That is, they do not think of you or others. Do what you want and read over point # 7.

12. Flee people who trust them too much. Confidence to excess is the beginning of madness. We must doubt, imagine other options, give ourselves the opportunity to turn around, both for you and for others. I doubt each of the points I wrote. But today, I still believe that I am close to my truth. One day, I will find myself alone and I will see if all this will save me.

PS: Here is the only point on which I have no doubt: take care of your friends. Friends are the only thing that is worth “accumulating” (for now, I’m getting there). One day, I will have the impression that I am alone and then, my friends will appear immediately and will say to me: “But you are crazy? You have us! ” And it will be the truth.

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