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A psychological study explains how pride can help you reach your goals

Pride is an emotion that is exaggerated self-esteem in the face of our own successes and is accompanied by a sense of superiority. Also, it is sometimes considered negative because it can easily turn into sufficiency and harm our personal relationships, forcing us to make bad decisions. And yet, if we learn to spot this “negativity”, we can take advantage of it to have a better version of ourselves and reach our goals with more motivation!

Buzzafter wants to talk to you today about the benefits of this feeling of personal satisfaction that makes it possible to succeed in life.

An experience of pride

Of psychologists from the University of Wales have decided to conduct a study to assess the influence of pride on the tenacity of the people. To do this, they tried to persuade the subjects of the study that they had talents they did not know before.

Based on this emotion, they asked them to perform tasks, but the process was not entirely satisfactory. This is how they began to put in place tests that involved their perception of space (visuospatial skills).

People who are proud of themselves are all the more tenacious

After completing these tests, the subjects met with their reviewers to see the results. They were divided into two groups. The former received information, but no evaluation or recognition, while the second group received recognition for their efforts, highlighting their talents.

The group that did not receive any type of assessment increased their performance compared to the previous task. However, the second group exceeded by 40% the performance of the first group. This proves that if we are aware of our capabilities and proud of them, we will be even more persistent when it comes to completing a task, achieving better long-term results in achieving our goals.

There are two types of pride

Before learning how to use this emotion and profit from it, you must know that there are two types: the first is the arrogant pride, used as a defense mechanism to compensate for the lack of assurance from negative emotions, and which leads to impulsive reactions for superficial purposes.

On the other hand, there is genuine pride, that is, honest well-being about ourselves, our abilities or our person, encouraging self-control, discipline, and transcendence. Learning to locate your origin will let you know when to implement it and when to control it.

Make your pride a good ally!

  • Humility is a good partner of pride, and can, if necessary, give us false or unreal ideas about our successes, thus moving away from our goals. A daily record of goals that make us feel good about ourselves proves to be beneficial in terms of self-esteem and helps us understand our failures.
  • Through this self-awareness exercise, we can set more realistic goals instead of exceeding our expectations and increase the frustration that can turn into negative pride. You can keep a journal or logbook to be aware of your own thoughts or emotions, as well as the consequences on them.

And you, are you a proud person? Do you think there are other ways to turn pride into something positive? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section!

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