7 reasons why men marry some women and not others

At least once in a lifetime, everyone has witnessed a situation where, after a long relationship, a couple separated, and then the man made a “first come” marriage proposal. Such behavior is surprising, and one sometimes wonders why a woman can not get the ring so desired even after several years of relationships, while another gets married the day after a meeting …

At Buzzafter , we have tried to understand the male logic and answer the question that torments generations of women around the world.

There is no ideal woman. The most important thing is to be next to your man at the right time!

An opinion has been published on one of the social networks, according to which men marry not when they meet “the love of their life”, but when they are ready to create a family. A Twitter user was interested in this theory, and  asked men to give their point of view. Almost unanimously admitted to having a relationship they regretted to have completed , but that did not prevent them from getting married when a suitable female candidate appeared.

There is another popular situation that leads to marriage : if the woman whom the man was trying to seduce married another suitor. In such a case, the chances become nil, and if loneliness becomes unbearable, the poor young man chooses one of the available options. We can conclude that men do not wait to meet “the one and only”, and the marriage proposal is obtained by the one who will be at the right time next to a man ready to get married.

According to scientists, the best age to create a family is between 28 and 32 years old. After this margin, the chances of a man wanting to get married start to fall, and after 42 years, they are almost nil.

2. A family can not be founded with only physical attraction

Studies have shown that the happiest couples are those in which women are more attractive than their mate. But as John T. Molloy said in his book Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Othersit is important that the physique of the elected is not vulgar. John asked more than 3,500 men to describe their fiancée, and only 20% used adjectives related to appearance (“luxurious”, “attractive”, “sexy”). The others described the character and personality. Men noted that neat women attracted them more, and that the physical should not be provocative. The most popular opinion was: the woman must always be presentable enough so that her man is not ashamed to be at his side.

3. The opinions of friends and relatives can influence the decision

Even though men seem very independent, in one way or another, the opinion of their loved ones influences their choice . Thus, friends play an  important role in your acquaintance, and their opinion can speed up the relationship. As for the approval of the parents, it can be decisive concerning the marriage proposal. Should we mention that it is not uncommon for the image of an ideal daughter-in-law in the parents’ thoughts does not coincide with the woman whom their son brings back home?

4. The man is certain that the woman is already satisfied

To be more specific, it’s about women pretending that everything is fine and not wanting to get married. If this is really the case then all is well, but otherwise, the elected will never guess what is expected of him : the men “read badly between the lines”, but quickly make conclusions. Therefore, when, at some point, the girl’s patience comes to an end, she packs up and leaves her spouse. The man, after having analyzed the situation and met another woman who is not afraid to tell him the truth and clarify their relationship, will make his request, so that the new elected does not leave him as did the previous one.

Psychologists say that couples who have not had conflicts at the beginning of their relationship have no future, so we must stop being afraid to tell the whole truth. It is women who prefer to keep their desires for themselves and who, in the end, remain without an engagement ring . 73% of the future wives revealed to have long “put pressure” on their man and insisted on the marriage, and did not wait until their partner makes the request to them by itself.

5. Cohabitation reduces the chances of getting married twice

Psychologists warn women that they should pay more attention to the idea of ​​living together before marriage. Most men apply after 22 months of relationship: later, chances start to decrease by 20%, then after 3 years, by 50%. After 7 years of relationship, the chances of you getting married are zero.

Do not forget the difference in perception: women think that the common life is the first step towards marriage, but the man, on the contrary, “forgets” the need to formalize the relationship and believes that they are “Already a family”.

6. The woman is “comfortable” for some time, but not for life!

It also happens that the man wants to get married, but only when he reaches certain goals: he will get a promotion at work, he will buy an apartment, a house, etc. He does not want to be alone on this difficult path that will lead him to his goals, and therefore seeks a woman who will support him temporarily.

A “comfortable” woman is a woman without high demands and always ready to make concessions: she is not suited to the life of which he dreams . It does not provoke excitement, a desire to test oneself, and such “useful” women do not provoke the same addiction as certain femme fatales. And if a man succeeds and achieves a certain success, he wants to stay in shape: for that, he needs the one who can stimulate and challenge him, forcing him to reach higher goals, whether for him or her. even, or for her.

7. All relationships do not have to lead to a marriage

Since their earliest childhood, girls have grown accustomed to the idea that any boy with special attention automatically becomes their “husband”. Often, relatives make jokes about this and ask when will be the wedding, but each year, this question becomes more and more serious. And young girls grow up with the certainty that if the relationship is long, then there can only be one result: the creation of a family . But men rarely have the same stereotype, which is why there is a lack of understanding between the two sexes.

Of course, it is possible to try to retain a person, but you will have to live knowing that he forces himself to be by your side. It is difficult for a man to give up his goal, and if he is confident in his choice, he is unlikely to try to save time or avoid serious conversations. There are no convinced singles (do not you, George Clooney?): There are women that men do not want to marry, but they do not dare to say it out loud.

Maybe you have your own vision of things, and in your entourage men have made (or not) requests for marriage for other reasons? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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